TEMPORARY PAYROLL SERVICE.  We payroll your new hire and temp hire employee's.  Keep them off your books unless you take them full time.  Simple, Easy, and Cost efficient

Pole Test & Treat


Test and Treat your poles to provide years of additional service and cost savings!


Pole audits, GPS audits, Safety audits, inventory audits.  QR does it all for You!

UTILITY JOB SEARCH WEBSITE we take resumes and match them to your job requirements.  Our jobs site lets you post jobs and workers post resumes.

Utility Support in almost any way possible!

Data Collection and GPS locates withTrimble Handhelds

When accuracy is important and specific data is needed the Trimble handhelds fill the bill.  They can be transferred to you in almost any format needed from Excel to Access.  Data can be tailored to your needs!

Our Products:

  • Genics Cobra rod pesticides
  • Mitc Fumigant pesticides
  • Trimble Data and gps collection
  • IML Resistograph pole testing
  • Infrared Pole inspection
  • Pole audits and safety inspections
  • Inspectors for utility construction

Low-invasive Resistograph testing of poles!

Most of the time the old methods are best.  Including Sounding a pole and drilling suspect areas to determine Shell thickness and heart soundness.  This is usually good enough to give a snapshot of pole condition.  Another less invasive method is Resistograph drilling and testing.  A small 1/8 inch hole instead of 1/2" or larger.

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Utility Audits

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