Data Collection and GPS locates withTrimble Handhelds

When accuracy is important and specific data is needed the Trimble handhelds fill the bill.  They can be transferred to you in almost any format needed from Excel to Access.  Data can be tailored to your needs!

Utility Support in almost any way possible!

Through our JOBS4UTILITIES.COM website we recieve resumes and utility job offers and then we match up the jobs and  the people with the right qualifications.  We charge a small fee for finding  the right person to Utilities or provide temp payroll service instead of a fee.

Need to do audits of inventory, pole attachments, vegetation overgrowth, fire-wrapping of poles or almost anything else that require a person to physically inspect, QRs Inc can provide that person and the support in training or equipment to do the job.

Do you need to hire someone temporarily?  Or do you need to hire someone short term?  Or do you need a retired employee back for a special job or short term?  We help by putting them on our payroll temporarily and handle, the Insurance, Taxes, and payroll until you want them  or are done with them. 

Utility Head Hunter

Utility Audits

Payroll Services

A Quality Resource for Utilities!

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